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About Taste Of The Med – The Story So Far

Simon in Malta

Simon is a full time family physician and author who studied at St Mary's Hospital Medical School, University of London, and has been a General Medical Practitioner since 1992.. he chaired the Cambridge Medical Committee for eight years, is a regional representative of the British Medical Association, a member of the Council of the Royal College of General Medical Practitioners and a contributor to many UK national public health strategy initiatives. Simon consults, writes and speaks to diverse audiences including patient groups, commerce, and the food industry on matters relating to the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle. This website represents Simon's personal views.. 




Ø  Author, broadcaster and authority on the Med Diet

Ø  Championing the Med Diet in practice and in national policy setting forums

Ø  Author of the first non commercial UK website dedicated to the Med Diet –

Ø  E- book shortlisted for the Gifford International award

Ø  Chair of Conferences for the Food Industry on the Mediterranean Diet

Ø  Speaker at Medical Conferences including;  Body Conference, National Association of Primary Care Conference , University of Hertfordshire Seminar on the Mediterranean Diet.  Webinar presenter for Oldways and the Institute of Health Sciences, USA – presenting to 1000 US Primary Health Care professionals.

Ø  Co-author of a landmark Review of the Science of the Mediterranean Diet published in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Science.

Ø  Speaker to community groups, schools and business including GSK, BUPA and at the Italian Embassy’

Ø  Engaging in Research into the Medical aspects of the Med Diet, and contributor to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in relation to recommendations for the Med Diet.

Ø  Liaison with national charities regarding promotion of the Mediterranean Diet.

Ø  Regular columnist for Cook Vegetarian and contributor to Body Language magazine.

Ø  Launched first extra virgin olive oil range in Europe to comply with the EU guidance on antioxidant levels required to promote olive oil for its health benefits.

Ø  Cooking and healthy eating demonstrations at Big Onion Food Festival and the Fine Food Fair, Olympia.

Ø  Commissioned to write the health section on the Mediterranean Diet in forthcoming publications.



“There is only one drawback with olive oil – if it leaks into your briefcase it can ruin a laptop. Not a good way to start a meeting...”

Simon is not a celebrity chef

Simon is not a lecturer

Simon is not an Olympic rower (though he wishes he was...)


On a very personal note, the story began many years ago. The early loss of a loved one to cancer, and a career involved in supporting others in coming to terms with the sadness of premature illness, has inspired the passion and commitment to the message of investing in, and promoting good health. We live with our genetic blueprint, many things are beyond our control, and fortune plays its part, but we can all strive to create lifestyles which nurture excellence for our bodies and minds...