The Taste Of The Mediterranean

Creating a life that is positively good for you...


Experience fruit at its best and achieve your 5 a day


© 2010 Adam Poole

We have seen in previous chapters how fruit packs so much goodness into your diet, and concentrates nutrients, vitamins and antioxidant potential.

Yet despite an abundance of choice and tastes, we still do not maximise the possibilities of these guardians of health.

There follow a number of ideas to place fruit at the centre of our living, to ensure that we are surrounded by opportunities to enjoy and gain the most for our well being and fitness. There is much simplicity in these suggestions for which I make no apology. We know we generally do not eat enough fruit, and so we should change our environment to ensure that it is ever present and ever available.

Your fruit bowl is not big enough!

Treat yourself to a beautiful new fruit bowl.Perhaps wooden or highly decorative. It needs to be large, overflowing and placed centrally in living areas or the kitchen. If you fill it each week, the fruit will be eaten. Guaranteed!

You will be aware of the pieces that are ripening, and will snack healthily as you pass the bowl.

Variety - the key to fullest enjoyment.

Some fruit is stored at room temperature, and some best refrigerated. Dried fruits have a long shelf life, and can add more sweetness to mixtures of fruit. So stock up on dried apricots, stoneless prunes, raisins and other exotic dessicated fruits as well as the fresh fruit from the supermarket.

Snack opportunities for fruit.

At many workplaces there is a member of staff responsible for stocking the biscuit cupboard. Some years ago at my place of work we opted to buy and stock a fruitbowl. Now staff members consume fruit through the day as a healthy alternative to cakes and biscuits.

Meal opportunities for fruit.

There is an opportunity to make fruit part of every meal. And for families there is the practical possibility of sharing, so that a cut up banana, slices of apple and a peach, a scattering of grapes, segmented citrus fruit and some pieces of dried fruit can be shared to make a wonderful mix of juicy fruit.

At breakfast time, a piece of fruit mixed with low fat yoghurt is a delight. Or a handful of dried fruits mixed with cereal or muesli to start the day.

And perhaps the occasional dish of exotic fresh fruit such as papaya with lime, fresh pineapple, mango or passion fruit can create an ambience of romance and celebration. Fruit is fantastic fun in bed...

STEP 4; The Bottom Line - Endulge a passion for Fruit to protect from cancer and heart disease. Create opportunities and variety.